Holy Carp! You have into the world of Sporks! Be afraid, oh so very afraid…

This site runs on Scoop:. You can click on that link and become all enlightened, so that your friends will be impressed with how damn 1337 you are.

For immediate help, please get the hell off the internet and go talk to a shrink. You’ll thank us for it eventually.

This is another paragraph. There is no real purpose for it, other than to say, “Look! More words over in that there side bar thingy! Impressive!”

Other shit:

  • Pizza is good. Buy us pizza.
  • If you have pictures of the Olsen Twins in the nude, or especially performing lesbian acts on each other, please, for the love of god, post them here.
  • Have you seen my toothbrush?
  • Only you can prevent forest fires.